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Our Services

ACC Assessements
Career support limited is a registered ACC provider for the Initial occupational assessment and  Vocational independence occupational assessment. We will meet with the client in the area convenient for them to complete the assessment.
Initial Occupational Assessment
Our experienced Occupational Assessor will complete the assessment, taking into consideration the client's experience, transferable skills and training/qualification. Based on the assessment a comprehensive report will be sent to ACC which will help ACC to determine the client’s vocational rehabilitation needs.
Vocational Independence Occupational Assessment
Once a client has completed their vocational rehabilitation outlined in their individual rehabilitation plan, ACC will arrange a VIOA.  During this assessment following points will be considered:
  • Individual Rehabilitation Plan prepared with the client
  • Review the vocational rehabilitation carried out
  • Types of work suitable for the client
Back to Work Programmes
Under this programme, we support clients with:
  • Changing the mindset to work in a different job
  • Goal setting
  • Job search tips
  • Interview preparation
  • Creating suitable cover letters and CVs
  • Motivation and routine
  • Positive disclosure of injury techniques
Career Consultancy
Our initial assessment with you is of crucial importance in the whole process. During the initial assessment, we will help you understand where you stand with your skills, experience, capacity and vocational ability.
We will also discuss your potential options to create an effective career pathway for you. This assessment will identify functional, vocational and psycho-social barriers. We will support you in setting achievable goals to build a pathway that will enable you to make well-informed career choices.
At the end of this journey, you will come out as a confident individual with a variety of career opportunities.
As part of our process, we ensure that your CV and cover letter are up-to-date and showcase your employability. This includes determining whether your CV and cover letter are suitable for the local labour market. 
We can assist in achieving this through brainstorming techniques and further discussion around relevant labour market information. In doing so we will create a platform such as LinkedIn, granting you the independence to connect with other professionals and employers. 
Today’s labour market requires all individuals to be aware of a multitude of avenues for career opportunities. Often people are unaware and maybe limiting their job search and career development. 
We will show you:
  • practical steps  you can take to improve your current employability 
  • applicable strategies you can utilise to surpass your obstacles 
  • beneficial tricks you can harness to maintain consistent motivation until you achieve your goal
Important Tip
Background research about the company is crucial before an interview!
Our services aim to equip clients with relevant and useful tips so they can perform at their peak during an interview. We practice the procedure of behavioural interviews with you. This includes role-playing any individual concerns and covering common scenarios that arise. From body language to the content of questions asked by an interviewer, no stone is left unturned. 
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